Astro Photography By Wes Higgins

©2004 Wes Higgins

Aliacensis Imaged 08-03-07 , 18 Inch Reflector, Infinity 2-1M Camera

The Text Listed Below Is Provided By Personal Authorization From Christian Legrand Of VMA, Link To Virtual Moon Atlas

Type: Crater
Geological period: Typical Nectarian (From -3.92 billions years to -3.85 billions years)

Dimension: 82x82Km / 48x48Mi
Height: 3700m / 11200ft
Height/Wide ratio: 0.0463

Longitude: 5.0° East
Latitude: 30.6° South
Quadrant: South-East
Area: Tycho crater East region

Interest : Very interesting formation
Observation period: First Quarter or 6 days after Full Moon
Minimal Instrument: 50 mm refractor