Astro Photography By Wes Higgins

©2004 Wes Higgins

Capella-Isidorus Imaged 09-01-07 , 18 Inch Reflector , Infinity 2-1M Camera , (North Is To The Bottom)

Capella is a lunar crater 49 km (30 miles) in diameter that lies to the north of the Mare Nectaris, in a rugged region with many small impact craters. It intrudes slightly into the eastern rim of the crater Isidorus, a feature only slightly smaller in diameter.

The wall of Capella is low but relatively thick and irregular, with a large promontory intruding on the south-eastern side. The crater is crossed by a deep rift, the Vallis Capella, which passes directly through Capella from the north rim through the southeast side of the wall, and extends out both sides for a combined distance of 110 kilometers. This feature was formed by a chain of craters. In the middle of the crater is a wide, round peak with a craterlet at the top. The western side of the crater is dotted with impact debris, forming clusters of small hills.

Crater characteristics

Coordinates 7°36'S 34°54'E? / ?7.6°S 34.9°E? / -7.6; 34.9Coordinates: 7°36'S 34°54'E? / ?7.6°S 34.9°E? / -7.6; 34.9
Diameter 49 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 325° at sunrise
Eponym Martianus Capella

Text From Moon Wikipedia