Astro Photography By Wes Higgins

©2004 Wes Higgins


Lamont-Argo Imaged 08-03-07 , 18 Inch Reflector , Infinity 2-1M Camera

The Information Listed Below Is Provided By Personal Authorization From Christian Legrand Of VMA, Link To Virtual Moon Atlas

Description: (Lamont)
Remarkable ghost circular formation with double enclosure situated to the South-East of Arago.
Form of the wrinkle ridge concentric and radial in Mare Tranquillitatis.

Size: (Lamont)
Dimension: 77x77Km / 45x45Mi
Height: ?
Height/Wide ratio: Unknown height. Impossible calculation.

Interest : Exceptional formation
Observation period: 5 days after New Moon or 4 days after Full Moon
Minimal Instrument: 50 mm refractor