Astro Photography By Wes Higgins

©2004 Wes Higgins

Gassendi Imaged 07-29-05 , 18 Inch Reflector , DMK-21F04 Camera

The Information Listed Below Is Provided By Personal Authorization From Christian Legrand Of VMA, Link To Virtual Moon Atlas

Circular formation situated on the North bank of Mare Humorum.
Steep slopes to the North gobbled to the South in Mare Humorum and supporting the couple Gassendi A and B to the North.
Walls higher to the West and gobbled to the South in Mare Humorum.
Very large flat floor covered by Rimae Gassendi. Internal mountainous ring. Double central mountain 1200 m high. Hills craterlets and lines of crest
Dimension: 114x114Km / 67x67Mi
Height: 0
Height/Wide ratio: 0.0169
Interest : Exceptional formation
Observation period: 3 days after First Quarter or 2 days after Last Quarter
Minimal Instrument: 10x binoculars