Astro Photography By Wes Higgins

©2004 Wes Higgins


Rima Sosigenes Imaged 07-15-06 , 18 Inch Reflector , Infinity 2-1M Camera

The Information Listed Below Is Provided By Personal Authorization From Christian Legrand Of VMA, Link To Virtual Moon Atlas

Two parallel North South oriented rilles joining Maclear to Sosigenes A.
Prolonged to the North by Rimae Maclear.
Crossed in the middle by a perpendicular chain of craterlets.

Dimension: 155x155Km / 91x1Mi
Height: ?
Height/Wide ratio: Unknown height. Impossible calculation.
Interest : Very interesting formation
Observation period: 5 days after New Moon or 4 days after Full Moon
Minimal Instrument: 300 mm reflector